Managed IT Services


Make the Move – You’ll Never Look Back

Are you ready to move beyond the break/fix approach?

Managed services have moved beyond the basics of managing servers and PCs, as well as the break fix approach of the past. Our advanced agent-based architecture provides complete visibility and management of the entire IT infrastructure including devices, applications, networks and the cloud. It also provides unmatched ease of use, security and control. An optional agent for off-network devices provides the ultimate in flexibility to optimize deployment for any end-customer IT environment, too.

Over the years, WIT RMM has brought about a significant change in the way IT services are delivered in the SMB market.

The chart at right provides a clear look at how Managed Services have evolved over the years.

As a WIT partner, you have access to a 600-man NOC that has been in operation for more than five years of experience. During that time, our NOC has addressed and solved some of the most demanding technical issues in the world.

Our strategic partnerships in the marketplace with other technology manufacturers, enables us to bundle anti-virus, anti-spyware and remote control software with our solution.